This is my bicyle.

black ratty bike

It’s not pretty, it’s actually quite beaten up from years of abuse on the streets of Shanghai’s brutal bike lanes. Even though it’s rough on the outside, the performance is great. The aluminum frame is stiff, and lends well to the aggressive, fast style of urban riding that I like. It’s sturdy, durable, lightweight, and fucking fast!

I acquired the bicycle as a gift from my friend Sebastian Nugnez after he left Shanghai in 2017. He purchased it earlier that year (or perhaps in 2016) from a local bike shop called 17 Teeth. This was the first fixed gear bike shop in China. Since I acquired the bike, I’ve replaced most of the hardware, minus the cranks and bottom bracket. Those should probably be replaced soon.

Update 2023: since I left China, I had to leave this bike behind. I left it in the posession of my climbing buddy Tianzong. In the meantime, I’m bikeless until I settle down in an apartment in New York. Maybe I will go back to 17 teeth? If it’s the same one as Shanghai.

Last modified: July 08, 2023
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