Chinese True Crime

The following is a list of Chinese true crime stories, as in these are real things that happened in China. Unfortunately, the Chinese government is extremely sensitive about the PR and perception of China in the world at large, entirely dedicated to controlling information and narrative around anything related to China…so, in other words, we have very little hope of a documentary or movie about any of these cases.

  • The poisoning of Zhu Ling - 1995, a bright young student at China’s most prestigious university was victim to a thallium poisoning attack, her roommate is the main suspect. A cold case to this day. Also interesting because the thallium poisoning diagnosis was reached by students reaching out to the internet via usenet forums; the first known use of a global cyber telemedicine diagnosis.
  • Wang Lijun Incident - 2012, the downfall of Bo Xilai (a high-ranking official in the CCP who probably would’ve been in Xi Jinping’s place if it wasn’t for the incident), tons of corruption, political rivalries, and the murder of a british businessman well connected to the CCP.
Last modified: December 29, 2023
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