Investing time on writing lies, slightly truth without a clue
I met my higher self, pissing off the roofs of drunken goofs
He said "keep the mic smelly like a rotten tooth"
And all your fears forgotten when the Cap is in the booth
I'm an angel in an agony of flame
Feathers growing at the mention of my name, reinvention of my shame
I'm a slave to the darkness of my innermost cave
And all these words I hold tighter than a glowstick at a rave, nigga
Dance around the camp fire, buttnaked, blowing trees
Could give a single fuck if somebody sees, I'm free
Red "V" bleed out a scarlet letter, kill a king
And I'll sitting ready for whatever weather the seasons sing
Picking up expensive habits, chasing after little rabbits
Hope they lead me to a place of magic
Sad at all the times I never thought I had it
Losing all these memories, and y'all doubt it matters...
Last modified: August 11, 2023
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