How To Clear WeChat Desktop Data

Obviously, wechat takes a LOT of space in your mac. Videos, images, thousands of messages in group chats. Thousands of avatars of your WeChat contacts, etc. These all take space on your computer, and can end up taking a totally unnecessary amnount of disk space.

All of these files are stored away in a folder(s) which is quite difficult to find directly through Finder.

This is the path on my computer:

/Users/john/Library/Containers/com.tencent.xinWeChat/Data/Library/Application Support/com.tencent.xinWeChat

Obviously replace the john part with whatever your username on your mac is.

You can get here with the Terminal app on your mac, if you know how to use a command line.

Otherwise, you can go to Finder -> Go -> Go to folder -> enter the above path ^ with your name replaced.

In that folder, there should be one folder . Don’t delete this folder. The folder name should be something like a version number. On my computer:


From that folder, you can check what folder is really large. There was a 3g folder of chat history and images on mine, I deleted it directly.

Be careful! I wouldn’t recommend this if you need to save your chats on your computer, or something.

Last modified: July 05, 2021
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