Really awesome composite rock in Zhejiang province near Linhai//临海, near Taizhou//台州, which is near Ningbo.

Dry in rain. High friction. Good crag for winter as it gets sun most of the day.


Getting There

The most dependable way to get there is to use this place entry on Amaps (aka, 高德地图). Link: here.

Using Amaps navigation will lead you directly to the crag, almost. It will lead you to a dirt road. Follow the dirt road up about 600m or so, you will see the white face of the rock from the gravel/dirt road. You can park along the dirt road anywhere, just on a corner or something.

There is a trail leading up to the crag from the dirt road, on one of the corners. Unfortunately, the only marker I have is this: a metal sheet in this picture.

baiyanxia approach

Cross the metal sheet and find a path leading up to the crag from there.

Where to Stay

Stay in Linhai city. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the crag.

TODO: more details.

Last modified: November 08, 2021
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