GETU aka 格凸

In 贵州.

There are some routes on that are not in the topo. The topo is quite well-made, though, by some people from Petzl, and includes some other beta about the area.

Getting there

Fly in to Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (贵阳龙洞堡国际机场) then take a driver from the airport to Getu (格凸), near Ziyun (紫云)


  • A Lang 阿良 - wechat: A13017094422, phone: 13017094422
  • Other guy - wechat: wxid_7le4ltov7tse22, phone: 18308537167

Normal price from Guiyang airport is 700 to Getu.

When in getu, it’s kind of a hassle to get around. If possible, rent a car or scooter. If you can, just rent a car from the airport and drive out there yourself. It’s a three hour drive depending on traffic.

If getting your own car or scooter is not possible, you can hitchhike or flag down a tuktuk, which appear occasionally.


There is a “fancy” hotel right next to the main crags, right below the mega monolith of Pussa Yan. It seems nice, but some of the local regulars are opposed to it. Also, it’s inconvenient to get to the one good restaurant from the “fancy” hotel. Side note: it’s hard to find good food in Getu.

There are a few modest options beside the “fancy” hotel, we stayed at a guesthouse called 葡萄园. It’s one of the OG guesthouses of this area, is run by a cool explorer/tinkerer dude who has fought to protect getu climbing. The strong climbers stayed here in the past before the fancy hotel.

  • WeChat contact for fancy hotel: SGX520ycx
  • WeChat contact for 葡萄园: wxid_ujxs9n3h254h11


  • Oliver’s Crag - bit polished, but really cool piece of rock. Easiest approach. Overhang.
  • Fish Crag - EXTREMELY hard routes. Face climbing. A bit run out and totally sandbagged. Fun though! Cool paintings at the base of every climb.
  • The Great Arch - climbed here on our last day. Really fun climbing. Amazing scenary in a gigantic, iconic cave.

Getu Cave

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