Guiyang is lit. It has a lit-ass cave called 贵惠穿洞关. The cave is perfect for summer climbing — it’s protected from both sun and rain, it stays cool, and it’s windy so no mosquitoes/bug problems.

Also, huge plus for hot summer days: the approach is very friendly. It’s about a 25 minute drive from the Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (贵阳龙洞堡国际机场), and a 5 minute walk up a staircase from the parking lot. No sweaty hike.

This place is full of roof climbing! I climbed my first 5.12a here, a roof climb called “the wind blows through your crotch”.

Most of the climbing is in the 5.12-5.13 area, but there are several 5.9s and 5.10s for intermediate climbers.

Guiyang Cave

It’s just very convenient. There’s a platform for belaying, small concrete tables for picnic’ing or remote work. You could actually do some remote work from this crag — there is a good cell phone signal in the cave.

How to Get there

I recommend renting a car or finding a homie with a car. You could get a cab to the crag, but it would be hard to find one to go home after climbing.

On Baidu maps, what you want to search for is “Guiyang Driving School Number 11”, in Chinese: 贵阳十一驾校. Search for it in Chinese on Baidu Maps.

Coming from downtown Guiyang or the Airport, you will go past the driving school on your left, then exit off the highway, take a u-turn, get back on the highway, then enter the driving school directly from turning off the highway.

It feels a bit weird, but you’ll see the cave up on a hill behind the driving school.

Enter the driving school, and turn right immediately. Drive past the people practicing driving or whatever and go down a small bricked/slightly run-down drive for about 120 meters, then turn left. You’ll see a cafeteria on the left, and a small roof over an area where they are fixing cars. You’ll see this sign, which says climbing is strictly prohibited.

climbing is prohibited

Ignore the sign, it’s meaningless. Park right next to the sign. Focus on getting around the barbed wire cage surrounding the entrance and approach to the crag. It’s not that hard — walk up the hill directly 1-2 meters to the right of the sign and find yourself on the opposite side of the barbed wire cage. Obstacle cleared. Walk 5 minutes up the hill and you’re at the crag!

Where To Stay

We stayed last time at MiJia international Smart Hotel. It was cheap and clean. Nothing fancy.

You could stay anywhere in Guiyang and have similar easy access to the crag.

Worth eating for breakfast: 贵阳包饼油条.

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