Baoshi Mountain Bouldering

Chinese name: 宝石山


2019 topo

This is a bouldering spot situated right next to the famous West Lake, right in the center of a tourist area. Even though it’s in a tourist area, it’s a nature preserve which is well maintained. A very convenient approach, close to urban amenities, yet still well-protected by nature. Some rocks in the woods to fuck around on.


From Hangzhou East station, take metro line 1 to Fengqi Road station (凤起路). From there, go west on Fengqi road. After a few blocks, turn left on 环城西路, then one block down turn right on 北山街. From here, you can walk along West Lake until you find 保俶塔前山路, a small road on the right side of the road as you’re walking along 北山街. From here, walk north about five minutes, you will pass a parking lot on your right and hit a set of stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs, turn right and follow a small unpaved path. From there, it’s just matter of walking about 700 meters until you hit the boulder spot.

Last modified: February 18, 2021
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