Shanghai Urban Bouldering Spots

An incomplete collection of urban bouldering spots in Shanghai. Please note: I can not guarantee the legality or safety of climbing on these structures.

Wukang Mansion

Location: three-way intersection of WuKang Road, XingGuo Road, and HuaiHai road // 武康路兴国路淮海路交叉口

WuKang Mansion

Kind of a famous building, it even has a Wikipedia Page. This is a super popular building for tourists to take pictures of near WuKang road, so it’s usually crawling with tourists on weekends and holidays. On weekdays, though, this area is pretty quiet.

The arches surrounding the front facade and curving out following along HuaiHai road lend themselves to bouldering. Top out on the second floor (I guess?).

Jiaotong Station

Location: Line 10 metro, Jiatong University Station, Exit 2 // 地铁10号线交通大学站2号口

Jiatong Station Chinese mom and kid for scale.

Actually, this whole building at Jiaotong station is covered in crimps. This building is part of a library. Not sure the name of the building but it’s covered in crimps.

Right outside of exit 2 at this station, there’s a small climbable section with a topout at the vents of the building about 2.1 meters off the ground. It’s totally vertical but cool if you like to crimp, I suppose.

Tai’an Road Arch

Location: Tai’an Road, near Huashan road, going towards Xingguo rd//泰安路华山路,朝兴国路方向

Tai'an road ballsy

This is an arch on Tai’an road. I don’t know if I would actually dare to climb this, firstly because you might get in trouble for climbing on a kind of nice old piece of architecture. Secondarily because the top of the arch is a good 4 meters off the ground. Thirdly because it looks kinda crumbly.

Balls are definitely required for this one.

Binjiang Bridge Crack

Location: Under some bridge near Longteng Avenue and Kaibin road // 龙腾大道滨江某处

bund spot

There’s a crack/divet on the columns of the bridge here that you can climb. Talk to Tianzong for more info.

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