There’s a ton of climbing in/around Kunming. Most of the information online is dependable, a good reference is Kunming Rock.

For accomodations, you can pretty much stay in Kunming and rent a car or take cabs/didi to the various crags in the area.

The Gash/松林

TODO: describe the experience

Xi Shan/West Mountain/西山

TODO: describe the experience


We went here, it’s basically overgrown. Doesn’t seem to be getting much action, in serious need of maintenance.

小墨鱼/Mo Yu Cave

A cave, about 30 minutes drive from Kunming. Recommend renting a car, very hard to get a cab or didi from the access point.


See: shigu

Amazing experience, partially because there is seemingly endless beautiful pocket-y limestone climbing, partially because of the amazing pristine nature that you find yourself in. When you’re in Shigu, you’re in probably some of the best untouched nature in China.

The best place to stay is Stone Drumhouse, run by an English dude named Reuben.

Bai Yan Si

Also kind of near Shigu, there is a huge white granite monolith, mixed Trad/Sport. link

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