• Chinese name: 山东枣庄
  • The Crag: link
  • Stay at: 舜和枣庄大酒店 - 100 kuai a night!

Something a bit different in Shandong Province. Limestone, but less tufas. More pockets. Solid!

Lots of varied climbing.

Zaozhuang 2 Zaozhuang 3

How to get there from Shanghai:

The best way to get here is by train — it’s a 3 hour train from Shanghai to Zaozhuang station (枣庄高铁站), then a 45 minute drive to Zaozhuang crag area near Jiagu mountain (夹谷山) from the train station.

After arriving at the station, it’s probably most convenient to drive yourself. You can also hire a driver. TODO: driver info.


There are two main areas

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