Java and Spring Bits

Random bits of information forming into a honeycomb conceptualization of the language, runtime, and framework.

Finding Which Java Version

To find the version of Java used by a particular app, you can check the various gradle files. Look for this:

  sourceCompatibility = 1.8
  targetCompatibility = 1.8

FYI, java v8 is also known as 1.8.


  • Versions of dependencies will go in build.gradle under the ext section.
  • The build.gradle also defines the tasks for gradle.
  • Default port in prod mode is 8080; in dev mode 9020
  • Port is specified in in server.port=8080


There is a built-in decorator called @Configuration. You use this to instantiate a configuration class, similar to Nest JS actually. Each configuration field could be a getter(injected with @Value) or a method (injected with @Bean).


  • baeldung - great source of tutorials and stuff.
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