Friday - 04/15/2022

DAY 15.

Yesterday’s update: police forced residents out of an apartment complex in Zhangjiang to turn the building into a quarantine holding facility. That’s right, police forced normal, healthy citizens out of homes that they paid to live in, in order to let covid-positive strangers live in their homes. There were many videos of devastated residents crying on the ground or fighting with police. 2022 is wild.

Today: I’ve stopped going to the roof to jump rope. For the first week or so I was doing that daily, but they’ve become more strict about 足不出户 in our building. I also legitimately think it’s too risky, I don’t want to get infected and sent to a covid gulag right now. As a result, I can only hangboard and do pushups/situps/stretch inside our apartment. I do 110 pushups daily.

I feel like I’m intellectually deteriorating. I really, really feel like I’m losing my ability to think critically.

19 days until our flight to the USA.

Last modified: April 15, 2022
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