Saturday - 04/16/2022

Today is day 16.

Government medical workers showed up at 8am, no warning as usual. Just the angry loud knocking at the door and the yelling “出来做核酸啦” to which we’ve become so accustomed. Chyah was pissed to have to wake up at that hour.

They also sprayed “disinfectant” in the hall outside our front door twice today, as they’ve started doing lately. The second spraying was SO intense that it made my eyes burn. It seeped through the front door and into our apartment.

We’re pretty sure the apartment across from us, a family of 5, are all COVID positive. Not sure though. When people test positive here, they generally work really hard to keep it private. Some residents get really angry when they find out about COVID positives in the same building.

We also got a shipment of food from the government today, featuring this rice:


I did 110 pushups and a 10 minute fingerboard session.

That’s it for today.

Last modified: April 16, 2022
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