Tuesday - 04/19/2022

Day 19.

Feeling: Can you draw 7 red lines with green ink and transparent ink which are strictly perpendicular?

Today was really bad. It sucked. This is what happened.

Our building has 6 positive cases. A few days ago, Shanghai and the CDC published their latest “strategy”, another set of “big problems require big solutions” approach to achieving zero cases using kindergarten-level intellectual capacity. In the new “strategy”, we have the following rules:

  • PCR tests shall be performed every day until 4/21
  • Any buildings with positive cases should have their PCR test performed at the door of each resident, as opposed to having residents come downstairs to line up outside.

Today is our fourth consecutive day of PCR tests which should be performed at the door of our apartment.

They did that for the first two days, but then yesterday and today the medical workers (“doctors”) got lazy, and instead they now just do this thing where they knock on everyone’s door on a floor, and have everyone on the floor come out and do it in the landing of the floor by the elevator, completely defeating the purpose of the new policy from the shanghai gov announcement. It’s even worse than the alternative of having us do it downstairs, because we’re now all enclosed in a small space in the hall.

Fucking stupid. SO FUCKING STUPID.

To top it all off, they gave us an extremely painful/deeper jab in the nose than usual. They told me to shutup, don’t lean back, and if you’ve ever had a PCR test taken at the airport it’s worse.

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