Thursday - 04/21/2022

Day 21. It’s actually just past midnight of 4/20 when I’m writing this, so just finished day 20.

I want to remind myself: I am never going to forget this.

The Chinese Government is treating humans as less than human.

In Canada during the height of Covid, criminal prisoners were limited to 2 hours a week of yard time. When they imposed that limit, human rights ombudsman raised hell and worked to get them more yard time. Enclosing people like this is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. We have no liberty, no freedom, and our health is falling apart. Health is more than just providing homes with fresh vegetables. It’s the whole package, a huge part of which is providing the brain and body with new stimuli and exercise.

Imagine raising a child in this. Imagine being 10 years old and not being able to play in the sun and grass, not being able to play soccer. Just being forced to stay inside all day long taking classes on zoom. We LITERALLY can’t step outside our front doors.

Today we refused to do PCR test.

Shanghai will be changed permanently from this. This authoritarian government has reared its head in this city, a city I once loved, and it’s here to stay. This city is changing, and it’s never going to go back to normal.

Shanghai is just not worth it. How could anyone ever consider even buying property here anymore?

You pay for what? Zero rights. An extremely overpriced apartment, in a building of shoddy construction, with extreme noise pollution, no food safety, and a government that could just strip it all away if they wanted to, in which case you would have zero course of action to get it back.

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