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  • The Annotated Diffusion Model - Some of the deep nuts and bolts behind Annotated Diffusion Models, aka Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models, aka DDPMs, aka autoencoders.
  • A Recipe for Training Neural Networks - some good takeaways on patience, why training neural nets fast doesn’t work.
  • dreambooth - an influential paper demonstrating how to create a model which is capable of synthesizing a personal subject (such as an animal or item) in different contexts. An expansion on existing generative techniques allowing us to generate images of a specific subject.
  • Illustrated Stable Diffusion


  • Prompt Injection
  • Scaling Laws - a good overview of the scaling laws behind LLMs, like for example, when can a model learn to morally self correct? (the answer is 22 billion).
  • DragGAN - crazy drag image editing.
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