AI + ML Resources


  • Huggingface - Articles, models, community
  • ai incident database
  • - community for browsing, sharing, finding AI art models.
  • automatic1111 - open source app that allows you tu run the latest stable diffusion models.
  • kaggle - great place to go for data sets, i.e., if you want to train your own model.

Libraries + Tools

  • Pytorch - A deep learning tensor library first released in 2017. Popular for NLP apps.
  • Tensorflow - A whole ecosystem of tools for end-to-end machine learning applications.
  • Keras - A popular platform on top of Tensorflow for machine learning engineering. Tensorflow can be swapped out for other backing frameworks. High level API.
  • Transformers
  • langchain - a higher-level API on top of various LLM technology.
  • clip - a library from openai for text encoding. Takes a text prompt and outputs a text embedding — a numerical representation of the text input in a neural network.
  • stable diffusion
  • controlnet - a library (neural net?) for managing stable diffusion models
  • paella - smol lightweight stable diffusion-inspired text-to-image generation
  • gradio - easy UI for demo’ing a model





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