Mexico City Recs

Mostly in the La Condesa and Roma areas.

Mostly Coffee.

  • panaderia rosetta - coffee and pastries. someone mentioned it as “the best coffee in CDMX”, but i disagree. really cool coffee shop and vibe tho. very popular, long waits on weekends.
  • constela - really awesome coffee. iced pour over is incredible.
  • almanegra - coffee, went once. good.
  • quentin - awesome coffee, good design, bought tons of beans from here.
  • raku - Japanese coffee shop. Order tonic water + espresso, iced, incredible. Also pretty good japanese staples.
  • dr. pizza - pretty good italian pizza
  • taqueria orinoco - super tasty tacos. open til 5am. vegan compatible. order tacos + carta blanca beer.
  • location of a cool market on saturdays and sundays
Last modified: September 24, 2023
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