Plantars Fasciitis

Stretching can help heal this fucking painful inflammation of the bottom of the foot that results in heal pain.

1. Morning stretches

Before putting pressure on the foot in the morning, stretch your toes. Pull the toes towards your body, stretching the bottom of the foot.

2. Calf/toe stretches throughout the day

Throughout the day, especially after sitting for a long time, stretch your toes in the same way, putting pressure on the bottom of your foot so that it stretches that part of the foot.

You can also stretch your calves — that whole area down there is one unit, sometimes plantars fasciitis can result or be caused by upstream calf tightness.

3. Massaging the bottom of the foot

You can go ahead and massage the bottom of the foot. A ball will work. Golf ball maybe. My previous misconception was that I need to massage near the heal, where the pain is centralized. This is wrong. I got results by massaging the bottom of my foot, along the arch and around the area below my toes. The pain is due to tightness and inflammation in that area, massaging/elongating it can help.

4. Ice cup massage

I already do this. Put a paper cup of water into the freezer, then use the frozen ice chunk to massage + ice the bottom of your foot. Ice and massage at the same time.

Last modified: August 07, 2021
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