We’ve been having battery issues. No matter what, our battery seems to just drop down to zero rapidly. Twenty minutes of starlink usage will just plummet it from 60% to 0% without us barely even getting started on work. Super frustrating.

Anyways, we were in front of an AutoZone in Burlington, Vermont, installing the batteries in the back of the van with the van rear doors open. Chyah on the bed and me installing.

guy: “What kind of insulation you got in there?”

I look around, an elderly vermont man. Bushy moustache. Glasses. Thick, warm-looking Norwegian sweater on a mountain bike. Beanie.

me: “I’m not actually sure, we didn’t install it.” guy: “You should look into permeability. I’m a recovering carpenter and I don’t work with poisonous materials anymore. You should really be careful about what you use, after all it’s where you’re sleeping. It’s super important that it’s safe. Where we sleep is where we spend our times as humans.” me: “Dang you’re totally right.” guy: “Look into hempcrete. I’m a recovering carpenter and I only use that for insulation now. Tiny homes, everything. Hempcrete. It’s insulation made from hemp.” me: “Okay cool thanks man.”

Last modified: October 17, 2023
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