pyenv, pip, and pipenv


A tool for managing python versions, like nvm or rbenv.


How to install:

brew install pyenv

After doing this, you can install some python versions, for example:

pyenv install 3.10.4

At this point, the python or pip command on your shell will still find your global, non-pyenv installation first. To make the python and pip commands interceptable by pyenv, run this:

"$(pyenv init -)"

How to use:

  • pyenv shell <version> — select just for current shell session
  • pyenv local <version> — automatically select whenever you are in the current directory (or its subdirectories)
  • pyenv global <version> — select globally for your user account


pipenv is a tool on top of pip.

Install it like:

brew install pipenv

DO NOT install it with pip directly, unless you want a whole world of pain.

Then, use it like this:

pipenv sync --dev

I still don’t know how to use this fully

Last modified: August 22, 2022
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