Using Lil Pids

Sometimes, you need a really simple process manager. Like, very simple. lil pids is just that. It’s dead simple.

I have actually used this on a few projects for managing nodeJS services with no problems. Simple is solid.

  1. install that shit npm install -g lil-pids
  2. create two files, ./services & ./pids
  3. install this add-to-systemd package npm install -g add-to-systemd
  4. run this weird ass command sudo $(which add-to-systemd) -u $(whoami) -e PATH=$PATH lil-pids $(which lil-pids) ./services ./pids
  5. make sure it’s all running and shit when the server restarts, but also for some reason need this to make it properly persist as background process sudo systemctl start lil-pids
  6. Lastly, run lil-pids lil-pids ./services ./pids
  7. That’s it. You can run cat .pids to see what is running.
Last modified: June 25, 2019
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