Project Jinbei

Jinbei (金杯) is a Chinese compact van brand.

I may try living in a Jinbei for a week or so soon, while projecting some climbs in Lin’an.


  • Can I work comfortably and productively from inside the Jinbei?
  • Where to shower?
  • How to do food. How much 泡面 is too much 泡面 for maintaining good nutrition?


  • Find a Jinbei for rent or borrow
  • New plan: buy a Jinbei
  • Power source (jackery or similar)
  • Heater (electric)
  • Blinds (for covering window when sleeping)
  • Small table of some kind
  • Light/overhead lantern (electric)


Area above Longshang village. Drive to Yangshuo. Drive to other mountainous regions.